1. PJPIII (The Artist)

PJPIII (The Artist)


His story is absolutely insane. Patrick J Peters III became PJPIII (The Artist) after severe brain trauma from Covid-19. PJPIII was an entrepreneur in NYC running a very successful digital marketing agency. He woke up sick on April 6th, 2020 and ended up fighting for his life for over 25 days. What’s even more incredible he was able to avoid going on the ventilator with Chinese herbs and acupuncture which he had done by a NYC Doctor who was brave enough to treat him. His story is only beginning here!

After this severe brain trauma he started painting. He found solace in the brush. We asked PJPIII to elaborate on why he started painting and he said, “I needed to do something to escape the pain and painting was my savior. I was able to leave my pain for a little while and I noticed that my art was getting better and better. It’s crazy what you can accomplish when you have a sole focus!”

PJPIII has only been an artist for less than 1 year. He has shown his art at Southampton Arts Center where he had an 8ft X 10ft painting called JADE . His art has already blown up in Southampton, NY, he has art on sale in two other locations in one of the most expensive zip codes in America. PJPIII exhibited at Marburger Farms in Roundtop Texas, and we are most looking forward to his solo exhibition in South Korea at the prestigious CICA Museum.

His limited editions prints are super affordable (for now) and keep selling out. So don't wait to buy one. Check out his art here.

2. Cy Gavin:

Cy Gavin

Cy Gavin is a multidisciplinary artist who creates unusual materials in his paintings such as Diamonds, staples, sand and really anything that inspires him. His art is created across sculptures, performance art and video.

His first solo exhibition Fugue States, opened in February 2014, followed by his debut New York solo exhibition, titled Overture, at Sargent's Daughters in July 2015. 10 paintings were shown and the works explored the artist's childhood, specifically his relationship with his father, as well as the tough life of growing up black in America. Gavin often paints his abstracted figures using a unique combination of paints that render the subject in "ultra-black" and contrasts the figure's austerity with bright, saturated colors for the landscapes and backgrounds.

3.Diamond Stingily:

Diamond Stingily, (Credit Sloman)

This isn’t morbid it’s actually quite interesting. Diamond’s first solo exhibition was a funeral called Forever in our Hearts opened at Egg in Chicago in 2014. Stingily's work explores various themes of hot topics that we need to be talking about today. From racial identity and femininity to memory and even touching on her childhood, iconography, surveillance and paranoia as well as freedom.

Her social and economic background was growing up in West Chicago and you will find her work represents those times and is the backbone of much of her inspiration. I couldn’t help but get inspired by this incredibly talented young artist.

California-based curator Hanna Girma notes that "Stingily courageously navigates between consolation and discomfort, personal and shared memory. Her work celebrates youthful perception, black creativity and resilience while simultaneously thrusting the viewer into their current disposition, with its fear of contact, normalized violence and ancestral hardship.”

We are so excited to see the trajectory of these 3 artists. We will give you updates on them as we learn more.

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