Above PJPIII (The Artist) is recovering in bed (top) and (bottom) he is exhibiting at Southampton Arts Center

This story is literally going to be a blockbuster movie one day.

Patrick J Peters III went to bed on April 5th, 2020 and what happened next changed the trajectory of his life forever. He woke up sick, with Covid-19. Little did he know that he was in the fight of his life. He fought in his room alone against Covid-19 for 25 days.

During the darkest of moments Patrick found solace in painting. As Patrick fell more ill he needed to escape the fear of dying from Covid-19 so he started to paint. The craziest part of this story? He was not an artist before he started painting in his NYC apartment.

Patrick was an executive running a NYC marketing agency before he fell ill. After beating Covid-19 he thought he was in the clear but unfortunately his fight against Covid-19 was just beginning. See Patrick is what they call a long hauler. He has post-Covid-19 brain swelling.

In order to escape this never-ending pain, he paints.

PJPIII and his works at the Southampton Arts Center

It's hard to believe but his work is already in the most prestigious galleries around America. Patrick is now a famous artist known as PJPIII (The Artist). His work is in Southampton Arts Center which is the most prestigious gallery in the Hamptons.

PJPIII (The Artist) is selling his work for $49 for a limited time before he raises prices up to $250 for his prints. We’ve attached the link to these limited edition prints.

Click right here to buy art from him they are now calling him the "Next Picasso!"

Billboard in Round Top Texas about PJPIII being the 'Next Picasso'

We are not the first people to say that this young artist is the “Next Picasso.”  A reputable gallery in Roundtop Texas took out that billboard about PJPIII being the “Next Picasso.”

We asked PJPIII why he was selling his work for only $49. He said, “I wasn’t trying to become an artist. I am still healing from brain damage so I just want to stay busy. It’s a fun way to let people see my work and buy a piece of my story. I know my work will be worth more than what people pay for it once this story gets out!”

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