April 6th 2020 PJPIII (The Artist) almost died from Covid-19. After surviving he struggled with Long Covid from severe brain swelling. In order to escape the pain he was experiencing PJPIII (The Artist) painted. Before he got sick he wasn’t artist, so his story is incredible. It’s one of perseverance, creation and love.

Before he got sick PJPIII (The Artist) was Patrick J. Peters III a Co-founder of a digital marketing agency and Executive. Once we started to paint he knew he could never go back to corporate life and started selling art. In less than 2 years he has been featured in major publications.

Beyond the major publications he has had his own solo show in New York City at the Dacia Gallery. This June he is having a solo exhibition in South Korea at the Cica museum. Additionally he has been featured in South Hamton, NY prestigious gallery South Hamptons Art Center.

He sold his first NFT for $5,000 (Which at the time was 1 eth).

His first NFT he teamed up with celebrity Activist Adrien Grenier and donated 50% of his NFT to Lonely Whale. An origination that is helping clean up and save our oceans.

PJPIII (The Artist) said, “After getting really sick and having long covid I knew I had to create something that was bigger than myself in order to keep my motivated to work. That’s when I knew what I had to do next. Create art that inspires people to change the world.”

He is lowering his prices for people to make money too. The idea is that as he slowly raises prices people will build wealth off of his art. So you get to increase your investment and 50% of your money is going to charities that are vetted and doing good for humanity.

Here is a sneak peak of his new "News Bandit" collection OpenSea.

PJPIII (The Artist) is already selling art for thousands of dollars. So you want to get in on this before the prices go up. Click here to buy on of his lower priced NFTs. They are just a hundred dollars.

Every week he adds more NFTs and each time the price has gone up. Over half of his collection is already sold. So don't wait.

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